Drug Addiction Among Celebrities

Drug addiction is a common menace and celebrities are not spared either. They enjoy the attention which comes with fame but drug substance addiction can dilute the recognition. Unfortunately, there has been an increasing trend of drug addiction among famous people. We have lost renowned celebrities as a result of overdose of illicit drugs. Most of the fatal cases are as a result of combination of both legal and illegal drug substances which have detrimental effects to the body due to drug interactions. Over the counter drugs and herbal supplements is a cause of increasing trend of drug addiction. Sometimes overdose may not be intentional but multiple uses of different drugs always outweigh the body system leading to the deaths. Drugs mostly abused. Some of the major drug addiction includes marijuana, cocaine, heroin, alcohol, diazepam and cannabis among others. Addiction of these drugs is a gradual process; a single does daily changes the body system, over time the drug finds comfort in the body system. To normalize the body functions, you have to pop a dose and this is how addiction sets in. Why the famous? Famous people have the financial capability to afford the drugs as well as access them at their disposal aggravating the challenge. The main customers of drug dealers are the famous population. Celebrities have the craziest stories of drug addiction. What is the role of the media in fighting drug addiction among celebrities? Fighting addiction among celebrities is not easy. Their famous nature makes them proud to accept the fact they are addicted and need help. Rehab centers for celebrities acknowledge adherence as one main challenge to fight drug addiction among them. There are some celebrities who have broken the norm and fought the drug addiction battle successfully. The media plays a big role in aggravating the challenge; they portray the celebrity battling addiction negatively. Consequently, if they manage to fight the menace the media hits the headlines as an inspiration to the rest of the people. Some celebrities choose to fight it secretly to avoid media outbursts. Entrepreneurs have designed specific rehab centers for them to help solve drug substance addiction to meet the increasing demand of rehab centers among celebrities. The famous people who have chosen the secret route to fight the disease do not have proper media support and has turned out to be fatal once the challenge reaches the public limelight. Excessive negative media coverage on their drug addiction for celebrities has increased the drug consumption compared to any layman. Fighting drug addiction requires strong support system. The media should be the first support instead of negative publicity. In the recent years, we have lost talented actors, musicians, poets and film makers to drug overdose. Others have collapsed while performing. This is a challenge which the media should be on the limelight to help fight instead of gossiping about it, with a goal of technically finishing the celebrity. The famous people also have a role to play to be able to be assisted out of drug addiction.