About us

About The Founder

Barbara White is a social worker and activist.

She has worked with many organizations and people in trying to alleviate the effects of drug addiction. Her long career has seen her travel to many countries in Africa and Asia. There, she has helped to establish new rehabilitation centers, programs, and initiatives.

Barbara believes that every person deserves a second chance. She has seen people in extreme addiction become rehabilitated. She knows that all that is needed is patience and the right treatment methods.

At some point, Barbara realized that one of the main hindrances to rehabilitation was the lack of adequate knowledge. As a result, she decided to create an online platform where rehabilitation and addiction issues will be discussed freely. That is how our website was created. She wants experts, addicts, and government officials to share the information on our website for all to read.

Barbara L. White

Mission And Vision

Our mission is to help drug addicts and their families find a refugee. If you are currently suffering from addiction, you can use our online resources to find a solution. At the same time, if a member of your family is going through addiction, you need to get them into the nearest rehabilitation center. We can give you information and insights on how to go about that tricky subject.

When a person walks out of a rehabilitation center, they need constant motivation. Our vision is to motivate recovering addicts so that they don’t slide back into addiction. Our online resources will be a welcome distraction and positive spiritual nourishment. Ultimately, our vision is to see a drug-free world.